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F Series - Single Shaft Shredder

  • Plastics – Mouldings, Purging/Lump, Profiles, Films etc.
  • Timber/Wood – Pallets, Joiners Waste, Green Waste etc.
  • Paper & Cardboard – Confidential Documents, Production Waste, Packaging Materials etc.
  • Copper Cable – Household, Telecoms and Industrial Cables including S.W.A
  • Aluminum – Used Beverage Cans (UBC’s), Swarf, Cables etc.
  • Textiles – Carpet (Rolls & Tiles), Garments etc.
  • Security Destruction – Counterfeit Items, Faulty Goods, Out of Date Stock etc.
  • Foam – Production Waste etc.
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F Series - Single Shaft Shredder

F Series Single Shaft Shredders are small to medium size reduction machines suitable for processing a wide range of materials to a uniform particle size. The products can often be sold as is, or be sent for further processing through additional equipment. Throughputs typically range between 300kg/hr –5,000kg/hr+ depending on the model and material type.

The F series single-shaft shredder is the leader in the single-shaft shredder family. It is also the leader in sales for 10 years and the highest customer evaluation. The F-series single-shaft shredder has a wide range of applications. We and our Customers shred with F-Series single-shaft shredders: injection molding plastics, extruded plastics, blown film plastics, head plastics, waste wood, office and industrial paper, used wire and cable, and aluminum shavings, sponges, automotive interior parts, Waste clothes, etc., we will continue to update the application materials...

F series single shaft shredder features
  • Energy Efficient + Maximum Cutting Force & Productivity
  • Shock Absorbing Gearbox reduces Stress on Drive Components
  • Rotor Knives can be rotated and used on four edges before replacement.
  • Long Life Counter Knives can be adjusted to maintain cutter clearance
  • Quick Change Screens for accurate particle size control
  • Segmented Shredding Chamber Floor with Brass Guides
  • Twin Speed Hydraulics with integrated air cooler
  • Stand Alone Electrical Control Panel with Siemens PLC Control System
  • Tested, Approved and Certified to the applicable CE safety standards
  • There are other needs for you to improve our equipment!

Shredder In Customer / Factory Site

After each of our shredders finished, it will be strictly tested by the QC team. The basis of their testing is the customer's needs, manufacturing standards, and requirements in the manufacturing process. Our sales specialists work with QC staff to shred solid waste that customers need to process and record the data. We will ask our customers to order the installed services when purchasing equipment. Professional installation, commissioning and training will avoid some troubles and make the equipment run to the best condition.

At the customer's installation site, we will take pictures of the layout, installation, commissioning and training of the field equipment. These pictures will be rigorously screened and displayed on the network, which is convenient for our customers to purchase and use.

Shredder Working Videos

In our trade with our customers, we always emphasize that customers arrange materials or go to unshark shredder for on-site testing of solid waste to ensure that the right choices are made. During the testing, we will record the shredding process, and the produced video will be shared with more customers, so that they can understand more about the equipment and the whole process of shredding. Please click on the video play button on the right to enter the waste shredding world!
Equipment Component
Equipment Specification
  • +
    Model F500 F600
    Dimension (L x W x H) (mm) 1820 × 1200 × 1730 1820 × 1300 × 1730
    Hopper Opening (L x H) (mm) 1200 × 990 1200 × 1090
    Discharge Height (mm) 485 485
    Rotation Diameter (mm) Φ220 Φ220
    Operation Length (mm) 500 600
    Rotation Speed (RPM) 80 80
    Ram (mm) 500 500
    Screen Size(mm) Φ40 Φ40
    Number of Rotor Knives 19+4 23+4
    Number of Counter Knives 4 4
    Main Drive (kW) 15 18
    Hydraulic Power Pack (kW) 2.25 2.25
    Weight (kg) Approx 1500 Approx 1750
  • +
    Model F800 F1000 F1200 F1500
    Dimension (L x W x H) (mm) 2800 × 1800 × 2080 2800 × 2000 × 2080 2800 × 2500 × 2130 2800 × 2750 × 2130
    Hopper Opening (L x H) (mm) 1500 × 1430 1700 × 1430 1900 × 1430 2100 × 1430
    Discharge Height (mm) 565 565 565 565
    Rotation Diameter (mm) Φ400 Φ400 Φ400 Φ400
    Operation Length (mm) 800 1000 1200 1400
    Rotation Speed (RPM) 80 80 80 80
    Ram (mm) 815 815 815 815
    Screen Size(mm) Φ40 Φ40 Φ40 Φ40
    Number of Rotor Knives 35+4 45+4 55+4 78+4
    Number of Counter Knives 2+2 2+2 3+3 3+3
    Main Drive (kW) 37 45 55 75
    Hydraulic Power Pack (kW) 3.75 3.75 5.5 5.5
    Weight (kg) Approx4200 Approx4500 Approx5300 Approx7300

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