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G Series - Large Double Shaft Shredder

Broken object covered
  • electronic waste
  • Medical waste
  • Kitchen waste
  • Industrial waste
  • Domestic garbage
  • Hazardous waste
  • Metal trash
  • Plastic garbage
  • Big waste
  • Various solid waste such as rubber waste
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G Series - Large Double Shaft Shredder

Ang shark crusher is the crushing equipment in the crusher industry. It is shaped like a shark-like big mouth to swallow the size of garbage solid waste, the slogan on the tall <The shark shatters and instantly chews & rdquo;
MSB-G series large-scale double-shaft shredder is the treasure of the town of double-shaft shredders. It is the most selected series of products for large customers, and it is also a series with high sales volume of our crushers. We and our customers shredded with the MSB-G series of twin-shaft shredders: the entire scrapped car, car shell, oil drum, crushed oil drum, large scrap, large pieces of garbage, and more.

MSB-G series large double shaft shredder features
  • Efficient shredding ability, providing high torque, large shear
  • Low dust, low noise
  • Wear-resistant design, low maintenance frequency
  • The reducer is equipped with a damping device to protect the transmission components
  • The tool is made of high-strength alloy steel after heat treatment and is suitable for cutting various high-strength materials.
  • Up and down split bearing design for easy bearing and rotor maintenance
  • Advanced sealing system prevents material from leaking out of the box and guarantees bearing life
  • Independent electronic control system, Siemens / Schneider PLC
  • The machine complies with CE safety standards

G series - large double shaft shredder

After each of our shredders is produced, it will be strictly tested by the QC team. The basis of their testing is the customer's needs, manufacturing standards, and requirements in the manufacturing process. Our sales specialists work with QC staff to break up solid waste that customers need to process and record the data. We will ask our customers to order the installed services when purchasing equipment. Professional installation, commissioning and training will avoid some troubles and let the equipment run to the best condition.

At the customer's installation site, we will take pictures of the layout, installation, commissioning and training of the field equipment. These pictures will be rigorously screened and displayed on the network, which is convenient for our customers to purchase and use.

Ang shark crushing - broken video

Whether it can be shredded smoothly, and the absence of a card machine is the basic condition for measuring whether a shredder is suitable for working conditions. In our trade with our customers, we always emphasize that customers arrange materials or go to Ang Shark for on-site testing of solid waste to ensure that the right choices are made. During the test, we will record the crushing process, and the produced video will be shared with more customers, so that they can understand the equipment and understand the whole process of shredding. Please click on the video play button on the right to enter the shattered world!

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