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VS Series - Metal Hammer Mill

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VS Series - Vertical Shredder

VS series vertical shredder (scrap crusher, metal crusher, scrap shredder) is mainly used in the field of scrap metal recycling. The metal pre-crushed by the biaxial shredder is processed in two stages and will be bonded to Other materials on the metal surface are cleaned and the metals of different materials are stripped from each other for sorting by other equipment (such as magnetic separators and eddy current separators). The hammer head at the top of the box crushes the material to make the material enter the scrap space between the hob and the wear-resistant lining of the box; after rolling and grinding the hob, the metal surface is effectively cleaned and different materials are peeled off. After the metal is crushed to a certain size (50-80mm), it enters the discharge bin through the gap between the bottom hob and the casing and is discharged by the scraping device. After the above three steps of processing, the metal particles are suitable for transportation without being packaged and compacted, thereby reducing transportation costs and reducing equipment investment.

VS-Vertical Shredder Features
  • Ultra high strength welded box
  • CNC integrally processes the vertical split box for easy equipment maintenance
  • High toughness and wear-resistant steel casting hammer, hob and box liner, replaceable, long service life
  • High use factor bearings reduce the chance of bearing damage due to improper use
  • Discharge size adjustable
  • Standard hydraulic coupling protects transmission components
  • Independent control electric box, Siemens PLC
  • The whole system complies with CE safety standards

Ang shark crushing - customer / factory site

After each of our shredders is produced, it will be strictly tested by the QC team. The basis of their testing is the customer's needs, manufacturing standards, and requirements in the manufacturing process. Our sales specialists work with QC staff to break up solid waste that customers need to process and record the data. We will ask our customers to order the installed services when purchasing equipment. Professional installation, commissioning and training will avoid some troubles and let the equipment run to the best condition.

At the customer's installation site, we will take pictures of the layout, installation, commissioning and training of the field equipment. These pictures will be rigorously screened and displayed on the network, which is convenient for our customers to purchase and use.

Ang shark crushing - broken video

Whether it can be shredded smoothly, and the absence of a card machine is the basic condition for measuring whether a shredder is suitable for working conditions. In our trade with our customers, we always emphasize that customers arrange materials or go to Ang Shark for on-site testing of solid waste to ensure that the right choices are made. During the test, we will record the crushing process, and the produced video will be shared with more customers, so that they can understand the equipment and understand the whole process of shredding. Please click on the video play button on the right to enter the shattered world!

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